Terraillon Connected Fitness Pack

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If you are looking to treat your mum to something a little different this Mother’s Day, you should consider buying her the Terraillon Connected Fitness Pack.

I recently had the opportunity to try this fitness pack – and it works a treat. It does everything it says on the box and while it is too early to tell whether it will help me achieve my fitness goals, it is certainly keeping me on track with my efforts. It’s well worth the expense, especially when considering that it will help your mum to stay fit and well. All in all, I would highly recommend it not just as a Mother’s Day gift, but for any other special occasion – and as an investment into your own health.


Including BFA scales and a fitness tracker, this fitness pack will connect to her mobile via the Terraillon Wellness Coach app (free download available for both Android and Apple iOS phones).

Tracking her weight, body water and body fat, as well as bone density and muscle mass, this connected fitness pack also lets her track her calories, steps and calories via the included fitness tracker.

Looking after your mum’s complete health-eco-system: activity, blood pressure, diet, weight and sleep, this pack will allow her to:

  • Set her own fitness goals
  • Monitor her progress and
  • Share the results

She will also receive exclusive, scientifically validated wellness tips. The complete Terraillon Connected Fitness Pack is available from Argos at an RRP of £99.99.