Terraillon Kitchen Scales with Jam Function

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Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one who loves cooking, baking and jam making? Look no further – the fantastic Terraillon Kitchen Scales with Jam Function will be the ideal present to give them this Christmas.

Terraillon Kitchen Scales with Jam Function

Neo Cook Jam, Terraillon Kitchen Scales with Jam FunctionFeaturing an easy to clean glass top; a clear LCD display and a timer function, these kitchen scales are perfectly suitable for use as a simple, standard digital scale for weighing/measuring up to 6 kg (13 lbs) or 6 litres (211fl oz) in 1 g of baking or cooking ingredients in 1 g (1/8 oz) and 1 ml (0.1 fl oz) increments respectively.  It does, however, do more than just that…

The Jam Function

We’ve all been there – put too much sugar into your jam, and it is too sweet, solid as a rock or both; put too little sugar in and the jam refuses to set properly. Well, the Terraillon Kitchen Scales with Jam Function puts an end to these woes. Here’s how: simply weigh your fruit, press the jam function button and hey presto – it tells you how much sugar to use for the perfect pot of jam and will beep at you when you have added the correct amount. Jam making has never been easier, as you can see in this video clip.

My Verdict

Measuring just 24 cm by 17 cm and requiring 3x AA batteries, these compact, easy to use and clean kitchen scales are simply marvelous! I’ve got stacks of rhubarb, so I thought I try making some jam out of it with the help of my new Terraillon Scales with Jam Function.

Unlike previous efforts – which were either extremely runny or so sweet even I (with my renowned love for anything sweet) couldn’t eat it without cringing – this rhubarb jam turned out perfect. I love these kitchen scales and am seriously looking forward to next year’s strawberry, blackcurrant and damson harvests…

What’s making these scales even tastier is the fact that they are currently on sale at a low price of just £29.99 at Lakelands – affordable enough to treat yourself and someone else to a set this Christmas!

Terraillon Bathroom and Kitchen Scales

Terraillon NutriTab Kitchen ScalesI haven’t had the pleasure of trying out Terraillon’s Nutritab Connected Kitchen Scale (RRP £79.99, available from Amazon and Argos), which lets you manage your daily calorie intake and track your food’s nutritional value (check out this clip), but if the scale with jam function is anything to go by, this would make a fantastic gift for health-conscious loved ones.

Terraillon Web Coach Easy ViewSo, by the way, will the company’s latest bathroom scales, the Web Coach Easy View. This connected R-Link-series scale (the world’s thinnest at a thickness of just 11.8 mm) not only tells you how much you weigh but allows you to track your daily activities; nutritional intake, heart rate, and even your sleeping patterns. Linked to the new Wellness Coach app, it will also provide you with daily wellbeing tips and advice. Set to hit UK stores in November 2016, these smart bathroom scales will have an RRP of £120 – and you can see them in action in this video. Worth looking out for!