Thames & Kosmos Science Kits

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Founded in 2001, Thames & Kosmos aim to help children by improving informal science education with the help of their high-quality science and technology related educational products for children of all ages.

 “Thames & Kosmos currently offers more than 80 science kits in thirteen categories: Chemistry, Physics, Alternative Energy & Environmental Science, Technology & Electronics, Biology, Earth Science & Natural History, Fun & Fundamentals, Astronomy, Classic Science, Little Labs, Ignition Series, Sophisticated Science, and Construction Series.”

We had 2 kits sent to us for review – the Pepper Mint: The Magnificent Mars Expedition and Ooze Labs: Alien Slime Lab.

Pepper Mint: The Magnificent Mars Expedition


This is a story-based STEM kit (includes a 24 page storybook), taking creative young heroine Pepper Mint on a mission to the Red Planet. Suitable for children aged 8 and over this kit offers hours of imaginative fun. Start by building a rocket ship from wooden panels, then take your ship to another planet to conduct seven exciting experiments. Magnetic based experiments are nothing but exciting for all children. You get to discover invisible magnetic field lines with iron filings, build a working compass, use the magnetic elevator, control the Mars rover with magnetic forces, make Pepper Mint hover like an astronaut and make magnetic slime.

The Pepper Mint: The Magnificent Mars Expedition kit is perfect for any young scientist who is interested in conducting experiments and seeing them work. It is priced at £25 and is available from


Ooze Labs: Alien Slime Lab

This is an out-of-this-world chemistry kit, based on identifying UFOs -Unidentified Funky Oozes! Once you set up your laboratory station, you use it to help mix up 10 out of this world slimy experiments. It comes complete with a 24-page manual which will help you through all the process needed to conduct your research. Analyse each batch of unidentified alien slime and find what special properties they hold. This kit allows you to mould your own growing slime alien, test the slimes viscosity, dissect the slime with a toy scalpel and tweezers, and explore slime that changes colour with the help of heat.  All slime made is safe and uses non-toxic materials!

Ooze Labs: Alien Slime Lab is an ideal gift for all slime fanatics (aged 6 and over) who love conducting weird and wonderful experiments. It is priced at £25 and is available from