The Best Children’s Book Of 2020 – Danny’s Dream, An Ideal Christmas Present

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Danny’s Dream is simply an amazing children’s book, offering a charming story of hope despite daily difficulties – we all need some of that right now – and what makes it more impressive is all the illustrations were created by mouth painter Ian Parker.

The story comes from writer Victor Margiotta whilst watching the Paralympic games, inspiration for Danny’s Dream followed. Victor has worked regularly with artists from Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) before and realised a story based on a disabled child and using artwork from a disabled painter had the potential to create something wonderful and in itself inspirational.

The combination has done exactly that.

I don’t mind telling you that I have a disability myself. I am visually impaired and currently am realising my own dreams by returning to a sport that I love, rugby. I currently play for the Visually Impaired Harlequins Rugby Team, something only made possible with the fantastic charity The Change Foundation.

What I have experienced recently helps the story of Danny resonate with me greatly. But, you do not have to have a disability to fall in love with this book. The story is delightful and presented wonderfully with the imagery from Ian Parker.

A story of hope, intertwined with a powerful underlying message of inclusivity and diversity, Danny dreams of becoming an Olympic champion runner. When a terrible accident leaves him paralysed, Danny doesn’t stop dreaming. The tale follows Danny as he discovers a magic wheelchair that allows him to race at great speeds – he even outpaces his able-bodied friends!

The conclusion of the story shows Danny taking Gold at the Paralympics and all his family and friends telling him how proud they all are of him – it is just a beautiful ending!

During the race, Danny starts to doubt his own ability and this passage shows how the writer manages to capture hope and self affirmation:

‘Danny began to have doubts about whether he could make it, when seemingly out of nowhere he could hear the distant reassuring voice of his mother saying, You can do it Danny. This is your dream, make it come true.’

The story is magical, the illustrations are awe-inspiring and the book is very well priced. £10 for a hardcover book that will be cherished forever.

You can still order yours in time for Christmas here, and I urge you to do so.

Simply Beautiful.