The Return of Goya Black Rose

The Return of Goya Black Rose

A classic for four decades, from the 1950s right through to the 1980s, the stunningly romantic fragrance of Goya Black Rose is back at last. Featuring deep, heady notes of rose, the fragrance has been recreated from the original archived formula and is now available in a recreation of the original 15ml miniature Matchbox packaging that made it perfect not only as a gift, but also for keeping in your own handbag.


Born in an era of stunning beauty and elegance, Goya Black Rose is a scent that appeals deeply to your romantic senses. Opening up with ethereal notes of velvet black roses, this exquisite perfume has sparkling citrus top notes of bergamot and green stems, which are irreverently contrasted by a touch of clove. This is followed by a feminine, floral heart of rose, rose damas and geranium. A comfortable, yet sensual dry-down is provided by jasmine, solar salicylate notes and velvety musk.

Exclusively recreated by expert perfumers, this iconic 50s perfume offers a captivating, romantic fragrance that evokes memories of the ravishing, liberated fashions and gorgeously feminine styles of the elegant 50s and 60s.

For those old enough to remember these decades, it will raise fond memories. For those meeting Black Goya Rose for the first time, it will provide a glimpse into a romantic, in some ways perhaps better time. Either way, it is a fragrance that will be cherished and worn by the lucky recipient with utter delight.

Goya Black Rose edition can be purchased directly from at an RRP of just £19.99 for 15ml and £49.99 for 100ml. Beautifully scented, likely to spark fond memories and without doubt reasonably priced, Goya Black Rose is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries; Easter, just because you love someone or indeed as a special treat for yourself.


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