The Snaffling Pig Co – Luxury Pork Scratchings

The Snaffling Pig Co – Luxury Pork Scratchings

Pork scratchings have always had a bit of a bad rep, linked to old pubs, darts and beer bellies. You couldn’t really say that pork scratchings were a luxury snack option.

Then along came The Snaffling Pig Co…

snaffling pig

Now listen up, these beauties are special – really special! ‘The ultimate in Swine Dining’. To me, the perfect gift for the male that loves a sausage butty and a pint of ale.

I’m biased, I do enjoy pork scratchings, but The Snaffling Pig Co have taken things to a different level. Forget your standard Mr Porky bag, these come in a beautiful (and very large – Yay!) jar that can be easily refilled (Yay again!).

These scratchings have been double cooked and this is evident in the taste. You get some lovely crispy bits mixed in with some enormous, still moist chunks. Seriously, the ‘big bits’ are nearly enough to start a scrap over.

Luckily the jars are big enough to share

When a much loved product gets a revamp and it has been done well, it should never fail.

The Snaffling Pig Co have done exactly that – elevated the humble pork scratching into a superior snack option.

With bold flavours ranging from salt and vinegar, sweet chilli, BBQ, Habenero and Pigs in Blankets (there’s more flavourings too), there is something for everyone. The jars are huge and most cost £15.99.

That’s £15.99 of epic gift material!

The refills come in at £14.00 for two full size refills, of any flavours. Trust me, these scratchings really do need to be sampled, they are in a league of their own – proper man snacks (loved by the ladies too!)

Talking of the generic pig that is used to make such wonders, The Snaffling Pig Co say ‘What a hero he is. If he had hands, we’d high five him’.

I don’t want to high five The Snaffling Pig Co…. No, they deserve much more – a huge man hug perhaps!

View the complete range and purchase these luxury pork scratchings at the link.

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