The Treasures of Champagne

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First published in October 2016, The Treasures of Champagne is a book celebrating this remarkable bubbly liquid by exploring how it has become so deeply embedded in the consciousness of men and women around the world. A must-have for ‘bubbly lovers’, it is the perfect gift for both champagne newcomers and connoisseurs.


Featuring a beautiful ‘bubbly gold’ cover with a black champagne ‘label’, the book is divided into three parts:

Providing a brief history of ‘Bubbly’ and its role in world history, the first section takes a look at the champagne making process; how notable house styles are achieved by subtle blending of grapes; special cuvées and vintage years.

Section two offers individual entries – complete with brief histories; notable traits of varying houses’ products and tasting notes – on major champagne marques, as well as some of the less well-known among the 300 recognised champagne houses.

The third and final section of the book examines champagne’s cultural and social impact; how it became part of varying traditions and its links to entertainment (fact and fiction).


The Treasures of Champagne has been written by award-winning (Louis Roederer “Drinks Writer of the Year” Award – twice) author Tom Bruce-Gardyne, whose experience in writing about wines and spirits spans almost 20 years and includes regular contributions to a variety of magazines; a weekly column in the Herald Newspaper and books including, among others, ‘Scotch Whisky Treasures’.

Available from Carlton Books at a price of £40, The Treasures of Champagne reflects its author’s experience and fondness of champagne on every page. Extremely well written and beautifully illustrated, this book is a must-read delight and will be appreciated by all who love a drop of ‘Bubbly’ – and will make highly enjoyable read even for those who are not so keen on this remarkable fluid.