There’s a new shot in town – Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

Paul Handley

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A change is as good as a rest.

If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Two conflicting views above and when I first heard about my beloved Jack Daniel’s adding a new liquor to their collection, I feared the second statement might be true.

JACK_FIRE_BOTTLEJack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is their new whiskey liquor. Tennessee Fire retains the signature mellow charcoal flavour we all know and love from the original JD, but Fire is infused with a fiery cinnamon.

The result is something magical.

You get the standard JD touch along with a welcome heat – and yet no ‘burn’.

To some JD fans, this might be a marmite moment (if it aint broke, don’t fix it), but I count myself as a true Jack Daniel’s appreciator and can now call on two variants of the bourbon.

It was suggested that Fire is best as a shot – and it tastes mighty fine! But I found mixing this with a long glass of lemonade made a great drink for the UK summer evenings that gradually get a little colder.

Throw in some cranberries for a decorative touch and you have the makings of a sophisticated beverage for everyone to enjoy.

Then again, if you are at a party and the mood is lagging, line up some shots of Fire. Things will soon heat up!

Well done JD on a great new addition, offering a unique take on a much loved original. For me and everyone else that I allowed to try this, it was a real hit – across both sexes.

Like I said, there may be a few JD fans who just cannot get on with the new release. That’s fine, there’ll be more for me!

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is available to buy at Tesco.