Toad Diaries make stunning practical Gifts

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Often juggling maintaining a home and professional commitments with getting kids to and from school, clubs and so on, as well as nurturing personal interests, keeping social engagements and more, today’s Mums are busier than ever. Make keeping on top of all that easier for your Mum by surprising her with a beautifully designed, personalised and genuinely useful Toad Diary this Mother’s Day.


Creating a customised diary, journal or notebook could not be easier. Simply visit and follow the clear, easy personalisation instructions. Options to choose from include size; format, duration and start/end dates (unlike most ‘off-the-shelf’ diaries, Toad Diaries are not limited to the 1st of January as a start date, but may commence on any desired date of the year); different page layouts and paper types. There is also a wide range of fantastic cover designs (covering anything from ‘hearts & flowers’ to groovy geometric designs) to pick from. Having dealt with all these ‘basics’, you then get to add a personalised message to both the front and the back of your diary.

What’s more, the typically unwanted information sections (such as, for example, conversion factors, travel maps or account records) that usually clutter-up standard diaries have been left out and replaced with engaging extra features like famous authors’ time-related quotes and origami tutorials (the current one shows how to make an Origami Toad).

Taking minutes to create, the diaries come complete with a page marker ribbon, closure band (colour co-ordinated, of course) and a clear wallet offering space for business cards and more. They are dispatched within 2 to 3 days of ordering and prices start at only £13.93 for an A5 diary.

Gorgeous to look at, enormously practical and affordable, Toad Diaries definitely make great personalised gifts not only for Mother’s Day, but for any occasion.  Visit to order yours today.