TrackR Bravo

Emma Handley

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Are you always losing things such as your car keys or purse/wallet?  If you’re like me, car keys get mislaid every day and are often found in the most random of places after an extensive man hunt form the whole family!  Usually the culprit of hiding them is my two-year-old daughter – thank you Miss Nancy!! Well, if this sounds like you, you most definitely should invest in the TrackR Bravo.

trackr bravo

The TrackR Bravo is a tiny coin-shaped design gadget (about the same size of a 50p coin) that helps you find your lost, misplaced or stolen valuables.  It can easily be attached to any possession that you like (one likely to get stolen or lost) and will look discrete too.  Using Bluetooth-low energy, it connects to an app running on your phone and operates on a replaceable battery that lasts for up to a year.  “If the item you are looking for is out of Bluetooth range, TrackR will use the power of its Crowd GPS Network and growing community of TrackR users to find it.”

This really is a clever little gadget.  TrackR actually works both ways too.  If you can’t find your phone, and have your TrackR device at hand, simply press and hold the button on the device and it will make your phone ring – and after trying this, it really does work well!  Also, manufacturers such as HP, Cross Pens or Mezzi can now integrate TrackR technology into their products making it possible for them to be located worldwide.  This just gets better and better!

Why not make the TrackR an addition to your loved ones Valentine’s Day gift this year?  Simple attach it to their present and get them to use the TrackR App to try to find it – it’ll be like a romantic treasure hunt!

TrackR Bravo is now available in the UK in EE shops, John Lewis, Argos and Currys. It is priced at £25, but if you buy them in bulk the price will be reduced per unit.  Please visit for more details.