The Case Station Personalised Phone Case

Image of Case Station Personalised Phone Case featuring a concert ticket

The Case Station Personalised Phone Case

Getting a Christmas gift for a loved one who has everything can be a nightmare. Thanks to Case Station, this no longer has to be the case (if you will pardon the pun there…) – simply surprise them with a personalised phone case.

Case Station Personalised Phone Case

Image of Case Station Personalised Phone Case featuring photographsCase Station makes it possible to customise phone cases for a wide range of smart phone models with memorable text, distinctive patterns selected from the stunning provided art collection or with a photo of your choice. This could be a photo of your loved one’s favourite pet; a moment from a special achievement (sporting, educational, etc.); a holiday or indeed anything else you can think of.

Made from materials used in space suits, the cases are hand-finished, of exceptional quality and delivered complete with a lifetime guarantee. Personalised phone cases can be produced via, the Case Station app or in-store, with prices starting at £19.99.

The Process

Image of Case Station Personalised Phone Case featuring a concert ticketI was given the opportunity to try out the process of creating a personalised phone case for this review. Having discovered that my husband’s phone model is not an available option (using the live chat option – and the attending staff was very helpful), I decided to create a case for a friend with an iPhone 5S.

The process of creating the case was exceptionally simple. I selected the iPhone 5S from the list of available models; chose a photo from my computer; cropped it to size, positioned it and ordered the case in no time at all. When the case arrived a couple of days later, it was indeed of outstanding quality and looked gorgeous. It also came complete with a free ‘Nano Stik’ anti-slip mat, which was a nice touch.

My Verdict

The quality and finish of these personalised phone cases are fantastic and well worth the price, so they will make beautiful Christmas presents. Taking the time to have a chat with a staff member to clarify whether the model you want really is available before you start is, however, highly recommended – here is why:

As the iPhone 5/5S was on the list of available models, I didn’t check. I also did not check my order before hitting the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button – and the case I received was a case for an iPhone 6 (which is too large for the 5S). I went back to the site to go through the process again (twice) to see if maybe I had made a mistake. This time I checked everything carefully and, sure enough, every time I hit ‘Proceed to Checkout’, the phone model switched to iPhone 6 – which is not compatible with the 5S. This could turn out to be an expensive error, so do make sure you check first to avoid disappointment.

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