Ultimate Hydration from nuun

Ultimate Hydration from nuun

For the ultimate hydration throughout spring and summer, let nuun give you a helping hand.  This is a sugar free, minimal calorie electrolyte hydration tablet that is simply added to your water.  What nuun does is it replaces the essential electrolytes you lose during everyday activities, helping you prevent dehydration, fatigue and muscle cramps.  Perfect for those who endure a lot of physical activity.

There are 11 flavours to choose from, each and every one being sugar and carb free.  They come in a single tube (£6) and there’s enough to make twelve 16oz (500ml) hydration drinks.  As the tube is small, it make them very portable too!  Each flavour are highly refreshing so I urge you to sample them all to find the one you prefer most –my favourite is the lemon and lime flavour!


Nuun says – ‘Some of the world’s top athletes use nuun while competing and working out, but you don’t have to be a professional or an Olympic athlete for it to work. nuun works just as well for us regular folks trying to stay active and in shape.  Traditional sports drinks are loaded with sugars. Some even have as much or more sugar than many sodas. nuun was designed to give people a better option for staying hydrated without all the sugar: fewer calories, no sugar crash, no upset stomach and no biohazards in your bottles or hydration packs.’

Nuun is available in the following flavours –

  • Lemon and lime
  • Tri-berry
  • Cherry limeade
  • Lemonade
  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Orange
  • Kona cola
  • Citrus fruit
  • Tropical
  • Grape
  • Fruit punch

If you are an avid runner, enjoy athletics, swimming, walker or just simply active and want to stay hydrated, then nuun is ideal for you.  The single tubes cost £6 (giving you 12 drinks), the box set containing 4 different tubes cost £22 and the refillable water bottle costs £5.  Please visit HERE for more information and purchase your nuun tablets today!


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