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The V­‐Cube is a new cube game aimed to suit children aged 8 – 14, who likes to keep their brain active. They are fun, challenging and hugely satisfying to play – you will not want to be defeated!!  Personally, this game is right up my son’s street. He loves a challenge and gets incredibly frustrated when he fails (much to my despair!). The 2×2 may look small and easy, but trust me – good thing come in small packages, and this truly is a good game!


The aim of the game is to find the right strategy to solve the cube (just like a Rubik’s cube). It’s an ideal game for children who can’t sit still as it will keep their hands active all the time. The V-Cube is available in two versions, the classic flat design and the pillow shape. Both designs have the same mechanical cubic system that  rotates  smoothly on three axes. This V-Cube 2×2 has ‘3.7 million possible permutations and weighs only 74g! The cube consists of 26 cubies, 8 are the visible corners; and a solid cross for supporting their independent rotation on based axes.”


Being so small and lightweight, this is the ideal travel toy. It doesn’t need charging and will give your child hours of mind boggling entertainment! There are many different variations and sizes available, you can even design your own V-Cube! They are priced from £8.50 – £54 and are available from toy store throughout the UK and online at www.ecelecticgames.co.uk.

Fans can join the worldwide V-CUBEs community at www.ukca.org and register or join events throughout the country. For more information, please visit www.v-cubes.com.