VARTA Portable Powerpack 2600

Varta Portable Powerpack 2600 in Pack

VARTA Portable Powerpack 2600

Hectic lifestyles often mean keeping smart phones fully charged at all times can be a struggle – and let’s face it, there is nothing quite as annoying as those times when your battery decides to ‘give up’ just when you need it most. Help your loved ones out of this pickle by treating them to the new Varta Portable Powerpack 2600 this Christmas.

The Portable Powerpack 2600

Varta Portable Powerpack 2600 in PackCompatible with all smart phones and suitable for MP3 players, gaming controllers and activity trackers (thanks to its interchangeable lead), this pocket-sized, lightweight (it weighs in at just 61 g) 2600 mAh Portable Powerpack features a charge/discharge indicator light (LED); a handy hook allowing it to be attached to a keyring, bag, or belt and a USB port.

Varta Portable Powerpack 2600 FeaturesDelivered ready-to-use (pre-charged) and complete with a Micro-USB charging lead, it will provide your loved one’s phone with one full charge (based on tests with the iPhone 5S; actual results may vary between devices).

Available in several colours, including black; white, grey and coral, the Varta Portable Powerpack 2600 comes with a 2-year warranty and can be purchased from B&Q stores and B&Q online, as well as other online and high-street retailers at an RRP of just £7.99.

My Verdict

I am a dreadful scatterbrain when it comes to my trusty old Motorola (Android) and often forget to charge it, so this Portable Powerpack is a real godsend. It did indeed arrive ready to use and had my (yet again) empty battery fully charged just as fast as it would charge via my PC. Recharging the pack also did not take long, so it was quickly ready for my next ‘mishap’.

Offering a great deal of flexibility and independence; quick and easy to use and certainly affordable, the Portable Powerpack 2600 makes a brilliant gift for people ‘on the go’ (and scatterbrains like me). Highly recommended!

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