VASO’s premium glass straws

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We all know that single use plastic straws are damaging to the environment and are one of the biggest polluters. More and more people are moving towards paper straws, but in all honesty, these just go soggy after a while! So, when I got the chance to review Glass Straws I was delighted – as was my son who is extremely anti-straw! VASO glass straws is the perfect sustainable alternative to plastic straws. They say –

“VASO’s range of premium glass straws offer consumers a reusable, sustainable and recyclable product that delivers a 100% pure taste as they are free from plastics, toxins, mineral oils and BPA.”

These straws are the ideal alternative, they look fantastic and would make a fabulous gift for anyone this Christmas. The straws are also very easy to clean, either washed in the sink and rinsed under the tap or by being placed in the dishwasher. They offer a pure taste, leaving no after taste which you will get from other straws. Also, they are fully recyclable, as is the packaging they come is. Whats not to like about VASO’s Glass Straws!

VASO’s premium glass straws offers you the choice of 4 straws of any length. Simply select an option of which mixed size of glass straws that you would like. Each straw features a clear glass body, rounded tips, a 1.5mm thick wall and a printed logo. Each straw is fully reusable, environmentally friendly and sustainable. They are very light in weight but at the same time extremely durable and shouldn’t break – just treat them the same as you would any other glassware.

VASO’s premium glass straws have an RRP of £11.99 and are available from