Wasgij – ‘Paying the Price!’

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Wasgij have the perfect puzzles that will keep Dad entertained this Father’s Day. There are many different puzzles to choose from, each being very entertaining and challenging. With Wasgij, you get a puzzle within a puzzle which doubles the fun for whoever is playing it. The scene you end up piecing together never turns out as seen on the box – it is usually only what one character within the picture is looking at! These bright and addictive puzzles are a must for those who like to keep an active mind.

We love the Wasgij Destiny 17 ‘Paying the Price!’ Puzzle.

Comprising of 1000 pieces, this nostalgic puzzle will bring you right back to the ‘good old days’, when petrol was cheap and there was an attendant to pump your fuel for you. With this puzzle, you need to use your imagination, along with the clues given to you on the box and put together an image of what you think this old-time station will look like today. If you’re up for a challenge, then this is the puzzle for you!

When completed, the puzzle measures 68 x 49 cm (approximately). All Wasgij puzzles are made using a high-quality cardboard and precision die-cutting techniques to ensure every jigsaw piece maintains its original shape time and time again.

Wasgij is available from Amazon and costs £12.99. For more information on Wasgij puzzles, and to see the list of stockists available, please visit http://www.jumbo.eu/en/.