Weber Kettle Barbecue Toy

Weber Kettle Barbecue Toy

Who says we can’t barbeque at Christmas? If your oven breaks down you might not have a choice, no matter what the weather is like outside!! And of course, if mummy and daddy are doing it then the little ones will want to do the same thing too.  With the new Weber Original Kettle Barbecue Toy, your children will be full of glee cooking pretend food for the whole family.

Weber have always been a family brand and now with children getting it will be smiles all around. This red or black plastic barbecue is almost an exact replica of the classic Weber kettle, and will provide hours of fun for your future barbecue chefs.

The Weber Kettle Barbecue Toy comes complete with light and sound functions that will simulate crackling charcoal – just like the real thing. It comes complete with plastic briquettes, a lighter, two grates (for both the charcoal and cooking grate), tongs and food such as Steak, shrimp, salmon and assorted vegetable. Your children will have no problem cooking up a fabulous dinner in no time at all.

Suitable for ages 3 and up, the Weber Kettle Barbecue Toy is priced at £24.99 and is available from HERE. To see what else Weber has available for us grown-up’s, please visit


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