What do the grown-ups do?

What do the grown-ups do?

What do the grown-ups do? Is a new series of books which will help to educate children on the world of work.  They have recently achieved the bronze medal winner 2014 for BEST SERIES NON-FICTION Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.


“What make these books noteworthy are the practical details from the mouths of the real workers, which fascinate rather than bore.  It’s eye-opening stuff.” Teach Primary magazine.

Each book available tells the story of three children who meet different workers, i.e. vets or doctors.  These workers explain to the children what exactly they are doing.  They are informative and have a little bit of fun thrown in too.  What’s great about these books is that they are written through the eyes of the children, and the tone is kept chatty and light-hearted.  These are perfect books for the inquisitive child!

Author Mairi McLellan states –  “We all know that is really important for children to have fun and play in the early years but I also think it’s important to balance that by encouraging a good work ethic as early as possible.  I’m trying to help the children understand not only that they need to work but that work can be enjoyable and rewarding.   In doing the series, what surprised me most was their eagerness to learn about topics that we might think they’d find boring.”

Just last month, Fiona the Doctor, and Richard the Vet books were published.

Fiona the Doctor shows the Mackenzie children the equipment in the doctor’s bag used to help diagnose a patient’s problem: the stethoscope, the otoscope, the oximeter – a doctor’s life is full of long words.  They learn about the differences between blood pressure and pulse, systolic and diastolic, GPs and specialists, and even why people get smelly feet!’


Richard the Vet looks after large animals.  Specialising in horses, he spends most of his time between farms and stables. His hours are long but he loves his job.  On their adventure, the children learn how Richard helps farmers to manage their prize bulls, how horses’ teeth never stop growing, how to remove rotten teeth and how to avoid getting kicked!’


These books should appeal to children aged between 5 and 10, and they will even be interesting enough for us adults to read to our children too!  They are priced at £7.99 and are available from Orca Book Services (Tel: 01235 465521). For more details, please visit www.kidseducationalbooks.com.



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