Why the PS4 is so superior to the PS3 – PS4 Review

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The PS4 was considered a risk for Sony but it’s a risk well paid off. The most noticeable thing about the PS4 is the look.

ps4 reviewSony have designed the PS4 to be able to blend in with other modern tech devices and they have done this extremely well with this console.

Its odd angles and lines feel strange when you’re holding it, but on a shelf under a TV the quirkiness of the console’s design disappears.

Its slanted facade looks great lying flat facing forward, though standing it up feels a bit too wobbly, even with a stand.

There are two buttons on the device which is the power and the eject disk button these buttons are small but in the grand scale of things the controller can do most of the work. The PS4 controller is a massive improvement over the PS3’s game-pad.

The handles are longer and the sticks are no longer convex, so your thumbs won’t slip off of them so easily this makes playing FPS games and racing games much easier to play.

The new touch pad is located in its center. This feature presents some interesting opportunities, though few games really use it at this point but it will be interesting in how they will use this in the future.

The PS4 runs quiet and is clearly capable of producing insane graphics. It also comes with a nifty little single-earbud headset for voice communications.

The PS4 has a great future in the gaming business and that is why Sony’s PS4 is a must buy.