Wine Bottle Glass!!

Wine Bottle Glass!!

Now, this is a fun gift that every girl who enjoys her vino should have!  Oh yes, is a wine bottle glass (you did hear that right!).  Seriously, this literally holds a full bottle of wine (alcohol not included!!) and you won’t look unsophisticated whist drinking from it!!  This is the all-time best girlie (or for him) gift ever…….

wine glass

Getting Personal explains the situation of our needs well, so I just have to share –

Here’s a situation we’re all familiar with, it’s Friday afternoon, the clock is ticking closer and closer towards home time, and you can’t stop thinking about putting your feet up and sipping from a soothing glass of vino. Once you’re on the sofa, though, you won’t want to move for anything or anyone, but your glass is starting to look pretty empty…”

Yes, we know ‘that’ situation – we don’t want to move (even my wine bell for hubby doesn’t work anymore, lol).  This is where the wine bottle glass will come to the rescue.  Simply pour a full bottle of wine into it, and hey presto – wine more or less on tap (or in the bottle).  Whether it’s a delicious Pinot, a delicate Merlot or Pinot Noir, having a supply in hand and not having to remove yourself from the sofa after a hard weeks work is nothing but pure bliss!!

Measuring in at 29cm tall (glass diameter 7.5cm), this holds a 75cl bottle of wine.  With the words – Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs!’ written on it, the fun keeps on coming!  It’ll make such a fun gift this Christmas and beyond.

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