Wisdom While You Work, a Mindful Notebook by Libbla Kelly

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Originally written by author Libbla Kelly as a letter designed to enhance and encourage her 12 godchildren’s values and virtues, Wisdom While You Work is a beautifully designed notebook packed with pearls of wisdom and core values.

The Wisdom While You Work Notebook

Image of Wisdom While You Work Notebook.Smart and attention-grabbing, this amazing notebook has short, yet thought-provoking, grounding words of wisdom on the top of every page. At the bottom of each page, Libbla then explains why these pearls of wisdom are of importance.

Covering essential values, mindfulness and good character; positivity, happiness and citizenship, as well as health, social and personal topics, this fantastic notebook is designed to make its readers think about forming good character traits.

It also has a ‘tear & share’ section in the middle, allowing owners to share these positive messages with their friends. This video lets you take a peep inside this outstanding notebook.


Where to Buy

Already used by many schools’ teachers and heads for assembly ideas, PSHE and speeches; school prizes and awards, as well as companies’ leadership qualities, team building and positivity management and intern training efforts, the Wisdom While You Work Notebook is available from wisdomwhileyouwork.com at a price of just £10 (plus P&P). There is also a discount for schools (£9.00/book plus P&P; further discounts for orders exceeding 15 books and special discounts on larger orders are also available. P&P varies depending on order size).

My Verdict

Packed with core values and meant to encourage work while helping to make recipients more helpful, understanding and respectful; kind, warm and loving; open, sharing and strong, Wisdom While You Work is both gorgeously presented and reasonably priced – making it a wonderful gift idea for recipients of all ages from 8 to 98! Highly recommended!