Wise(ish) Words for kids Personalised Book

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I adore personalised gifts and think they make a fantastic gift for anyone of any age. So, when I had the chance to review a personalised book I was delighted. Wise(ish) Words for kids is a delightful book suitable for children aged 8 – 13.  Whether it’s for your son or daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild or any child, this Wise(ish) Words Book is guaranteed to make their Christmas Day extra special.

Full of bight and stunningly illustrated pictures, this book has got an amazing 50 pages. Whoever receives it will be so excited and will want to keep turning those pages to see what is written – and yes, some pages will make you laugh out loud or be extremely heart felt. It’s a book which is bursting at the seams with useful and funny advice.

Simple to put together on a very easy to work with website, within minutes you will have a delightful book. All you have to do is go to Wise(ish) Words For Everyone website, add the name of the child receiving it, and the platform does all the hard work for you. It’s fun to make, free to preview and you can add your own touches to create a one-of-a kind-gift for that special child in your life.

You can choose the style and colours, and to what extent you’d like the wise(ish) words to be  -from heartfelt to cheeky. Each page can be edited, as there is a choice of 3 pieces of advice or you can add your own text if you desire. Some of my favourite pieces of advice are –

It’s good to shut down the computer and go outside.

It costs precisely £0.00 to be polite

Is it alive? then be nice to it.

If someone younger hands you a toy phone, answer it!

Each book is packed full of smile-inducing wise(ish) words personalised by you. You never know, your wise words might just help that particular child make better mistakes! I honestly couldn’t think of a more special gift this Christmas. It will be a gift that will be kept forever!

The books are available in a digital PDF version at £7.95, a softback version for £23.95, hardback for £29.99 and a deluxe version for £39.95. Please visit https://thebookofeveryone.com/uk to order your book today.

“A personalised kids book destined to be dog-eared. We make the book. You add the magic.”


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