Word Slam Family

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Are you looking for a fun, fast-paced game to play with your family this Christmas?  Then look no further – let me introduce to you ‘Word Slam Family’, a more streamlined and compact version of the original hit game Word Slam.


Suitable for adults and children aged over 10 years old, this game will have the whole family guessing for the right answer. Each game should last approximately 45 minutes, depending on how good your opponents are! You must have 2 teams to play this game, so this makes it a great team party game for any occasion. This family version includes 100 story word cards and 100 answer cards, with a total of 600 answer terms in four difficulty levels. It also includes easier, family-friendly answer words too.

So, how do you play it? Well, it’s simple enough – Without speaking or using any actions, the competing team captains must simultaneously describe the same word to their teams, using only the word cards provided. The first team to guess the word correctly, wins the round!

In this version, the die and timer are replaced by an app. Instead of using card holders, the two box halves are used as screens between the teams and the answer cards are played behind the screens. This game can be played both as an expansion to the base game and as a stand-alone game.

Fast-paced, exciting, funny and countless hours of fun for the whole family (aged 10+), Word Slam Family is one game that every household will enjoy playing this Christmas and beyond.

Word Slam Family is priced at £13.50, and is available from HERE.