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Can’t think of a gift to get a friend or a family member? Why not get them a food hamper / box?

food hamper has had the great idea to have a fully customizable food hamper/box system which lets you choose from over 100 different types of foods, sweets and drinks to put into your food package.

The food hampers come in three different sizes which are small, medium and also large each one holds a different amount of items so there’s a lot of choices.

They also have a system called the “quick fill hampers” this feature will fill your hamper with random food gifts which work well with each other. You are able to view these items and make changes if the items aren’t the type of thing you’re looking for.

If you choose the fully customizable option and you fell it’s not personal enough why not customize the hamper/box it comes in. At they offer you the chance to send customized hamper/box with a personal message and picture of your friends or family. Find out more HERE

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