Yvolution Yvelo Twista Balance Bike

Emma Handley

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Little boys and girls love to ride on things, so anything they can sit and ride away on will invariably go down a real treat for Christmas. How much better would such a treat be if it also helped your child to develop the necessary balance and steering skills and build up the confidence to ride his or her first ‘real’ bicycle without the need for stabilisers? Well, the fantastic Yvelo Twista Balance Bike does just that.

Yvolution Yvelo Twista Balance Bike


Suitable for children from the age of 3 (maximum weight is 20 kg), this excellent two-in-one balance bike features adjustable handle bars, a cushioned height-adjustable seat, as well as the latest wheel adjustment technology.

This innovative adjustment technology enables use of the Yvelo Balance Bike in two stages: training mode and balance mode. In the training mode, the rear wheels are spaced apart, which gives your toddler that little bit of extra stability while he/she learns to ride and balance.

As the child gets a little older, more confident and more advanced in terms of motor skills, the innovative ‘click & twist’ feature allows the rear wheels to be moved closer together, placing the bike into balance mode and allowing the child to advance their balance skills through running and cruising.

A comfortable ride throughout is guaranteed by the bike’s rubber shock-absorber wheels, and having developed his or her skills with the help of this training bike, the child is highly likely to easily adjust to a traditional two-wheeled bicycle without needing outdated stabilisers or training wheels.

Colourful, practical and promising hours of fun for kids, the Yvelo Balance Bike is the perfect gift this Christmas. Available from Mothercare, the bike has an RRP of £79.99 – a price well worth paying for a bike that adjusts to both your child’s size and riding ability.