ZAGG Rugged Book and Speaker Case

ZAGG Rugged Book and Speaker Case

The simple portability of iPhones and iPads exposes them to the risk of damage at all times. Keeping them well protected by encasing them in sturdy cases is therefore advisable. ZAGG’s Rugged Book (iPad Air 2) and Speaker Case (iPhone 6) offer not only excellent protection for these devices, they also offer outstanding functionality.

Priced at £99.00, the ZAGG Speaker Case features a slim-line protective bumper to protect your phone against scratches, impacts and other dings, as well as a removable Bluetooth speaker perfect for boosting calls and games; music, videos and more.

zagg speaker case

Also featuring a built-in microphone and a mute button, the Speaker Case has an 1800mAh rechargeable battery that can also be used to provide back-up power to the phone. A universal USB port enables sharing of the power to Lightning or micro USB devices. Offering perfect phone protection; portable power and amazing sound, the ZAGG Speaker Case is without doubt a great Christmas gift idea for old and young, male and female iPhone users alike.

This, by the way, also applies to the ZAGG Rugged Book, the most versatile, toughest Bluetooth tablet keyboard/case currently available. Created from durable silicone rubber; polycarbonate and stainless steel, the Rugged Book features a unique magnetic hinge that enables securing your iPad virtually at any desired angle and easily converts from a simple case into book, keyboard or video modes.

zagg rugged

The removable, multi-layered case of the Rugged Book is designed to efficiently deflect impact energy and offer ultimate protection (as well as a solid surface for typing) with the help of a stainless steel plate covered by tough polycarbonate that has been inlaid with silicone rubber.

Typing under low-light conditions is made easy (and somewhat stylish) by backlit keys, and the battery, once fully charged, offers up to two years of use before requiring recharging. The Rugged Book is available from ZAGG at prices starting at £129.99.

Functional, highly protective and reasonably priced, both the Speaker Case and the Rugged Book will make excellent Christmas gifts for friends and family alike.

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