ZiiSound D3x wireless music system review

ZiiSound D3x wireless music system review

The ZiiSound D3x wireless music system with its sleek design and minimalistic design proves itself to be quite a responsive clear speaker.

zii It takes on the appearance of a sound bar. A very good sound bar….

There are two ways in which you can connect to this device. The auxiliary in the back allows you to plug any device in via lead.

The second option is to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. Connecting via Bluetooth couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is Press and hold the ‘Connect’ button made the Creative Ziisound D3x discoverable, and from there it is just a case of selecting the speaker from the Bluetooth list and away you go!

The overall sound is actually quite impressive, considering that this is just a single speaker that can also become part of a larger set which would then set you back quite a bit in terms of money.

This speaker managed to fill a function room quite comfortably without a loss of clarity. The overall range of frequencies seem to be covered quite well with this speaker with a sub that gives off quite a thump and the high end manages to cut through.

It would definitely be recommended for personal use at parties, at home and any other small time use you could think of.

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