Zippo for Christmas

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I’ve reviewed Zippo a few times before and have never been disappointed in their products. Zippo is best known for their iconic windproof lighters, but with other products available such as Hip Flasks and leather wallets, finding to ideal gift for that special person is easy. Each and every Zippo products are stylish and practical, and make fabulous gifts for many. This Christmas, why not treat your loved one to one of these iconic gifts below.

Nearly every household likes to burn candles, especially during the festive season. Make lighting candles easier with the help of a Zippo Candle Lighter (priced from £19.80).

Classy and chic, these lighters tick all the right boxes. This lighter is comfortable to hold, and features an advanced soft touch ignition system, adjustable flame dial and a very important child-resistant safety button. It is 6½” in size from the base to the top, leaving it lengthy enough for reaching deep into well-worn candle. This elegantly designed Candle Lighter is designed in a brushed chrome, is available in a variety of colours and comes with a three-year warranty. All you have to do is simply fill it with fluid (Zippo Premium Butane is advised), adjust the flame to your preference and get lighting those candles!!

The classic Hip Flask (£15.90) – what’s not to like about this! Personally, I think this is a fabulous gift for both men and women who like to have the odd tipple.

​This stainless steel 6-ounce Hip Flask is an ideal size and slim enough to carry either inside of a jacket or a handbag. The lid is extremely secure making sure your favourite tipple won’t leak, and the curved shape makes it very comfortable to carry. I had the joy of attending the BBC Proms in my home town of Enniskillen, and couldn’t wait to sample the Zippo Hip Flask that night. Filled with a delicious Port, the Hip Flask was a huge welcome when the night got chilly – my friends were thrilled when I pulled it out of my handbag!! I highly recommend this product.

With a variety of hard-wearing, classically designed products available, Zippo is a perfect choice for Christmas Gifts this year. To check out the full range available, please visit