Zippo Gifts for Father’s Day

Zippo Gifts - Image showing Zippo Polished Chrome Hip Flask

Zippo Gifts for Father’s Day

If you are looking for stylish, yet practical Father’s Day gifts, look no further than Zippo! ‘My Dad doesn’t smoke!’, I hear you say… Well, good for him – but there’s no need to be a smoker to enjoy Zippo gifts! Yes, Zippo are perhaps best known for their iconic windproof lighters (more about those below). There are, however, many other options…

Zippo Hip Flask

Zippo Gifts - Image showing Zippo Polished Chrome Hip FlaskTake the stylish Zippo Hip Flask, for instance. Measuring just 9.5 cm x 13 cm x 2 cm, this gorgeous stainless steel flask features a:

  • Slightly curved, slim shape for easy, comfortable carrying
  • Debossed Zippo logo
  • Tightly fitting, secured lid

Holding 6 ounces of your Dad’s favourite warming spirit, it comes in an environmentally-friendly gift box, too.

The Zippo Hip Flask is available at an RRP of just £15.16. Stylish, practical and affordable, it makes a wonderful Zippo gift not just for Father’s Day, but for any special occasion. Highly recommended.

Zippo Hand Warmers

Zippo Gifts - Image showing Zippo Polished Chrome Hand WarmerDoes your Dad spend a lot of time outdoors even when it’s cold? Does he generally suffer from cold hands? Either way, a Zippo Hand Warmer would make a perfect gift for him.

Zippo Hand Warmers are available in two sizes (Small, RRP £20.75 and Large, RRP £22.90) and varying colours.




Available colours include:

  • High Polish Chrome, White and Pink
  • Orange and Black

There is also a hand warmer with a delightful ‘Real Tree’ pattern. In short, there is sure to be something to suit your Dad’s taste!

More to the point, these fantastic little refillable hand warmers are:

  • Sleek enough to fit into any pocket or even a glove
  • Easy to fill (although you will need a magnifying glass to read the instructions!) and use
  • Delivered complete with a warming bag (to stop you burning your hands on hot metal) and a filler cup
  • Well designed and built to last for many years to come

Once filled, they provide consistent, gentle heat for up to 12 hours.

My husband, who suffers terribly with cold hands, tried one of these wonderful little gadgets for me. His verdict? Well, he says his hands have never felt so cosy in his life!

Just one minor drawback: the hand warmers cannot be ‘put out’. Once lit, you must let them ‘do their stuff’ until the fuel runs out. It may, therefore, be advisable not to fill them all the way unless you are planning on being out in the cold for 12 hours.

In any case, they are incredibly effective and will doubtlessly make a wonderful Father’s Day gift. Highly recommended!

Other Zippo Gifts

Other great Zippo gift ideas include, for instance, Zippo’s extremely handy utility lighters (RRP £14.50) and candle lighters (RRP £13.75).

Zippo Gifts - Image showing Zippo Utility Lighter, Wind-Proof Lighter and Candle LighterThen, of course, there are the Zippo Wind-Proof Lighters (RRP £14.95-£24.95). Available in several models and 100s of colours and designs, these attractive lighters are incredibly tough. I’ve had mine for years and it’s still going strong!

They also have many uses other than lighting up coffin nails (sorry, I meant cigarettes). They are, for example, great for lighting camp fires, camping stoves or barbeques in windy conditions.

They just have one small drawback: all-purpose lighter fuel does tend to evaporate, so they will need refilling quite frequently. This is, however, a minor problem that can be easily overcome by using Zippo’s own lighter fluid, which does not evaporate.

All in all, Zippo Lighters will make fantastic, highly recommended Father’s Day gifts.

Zippo products are, by the way, available both directly from Zippo and from retailers across the UK.

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